Every technique has its specific qualities and anti-qualities. In the project 'Stadswijk Rotterdam' i wanted to use the internet in making a publication. Van der Vlist made numerous of photographs in different parts of the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. While going through them i thought it would be good to aim for a certain randomness, the same as you have if you walk in the city; you never know what happens around the next corner. In a book you always have a lineair way of reading. The avoid this lineair structure i designed a website. If you are on this site you have to pick a few key-words like 'territory', 'religion', 'infrastructure'; words which have a certain abstract quality. If you made a selection a pdf is generated wich is shown to the user as a collection of tumbnails. If you like it, you can buy it, and you can print it out yourself. Via postal service you receive a sleeve to put the publication in, and to keep it.
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