For the 8th publication of Onomatopee twenty designers were asked to give their view on visual literacy. My contribution was a request to design the colophon of the publication
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The letter i wrote to Onomatopee (Freek Lomme and Remco van Bladel).

English translation of the letter

Amsterdam, August 14, 2006
Subject: Onomatopee / visual literacy / 'Vis a Vue'

Dear Remco and Freek,
Thank you for your question to come up with a contribution for the publication 'Vis a Vue'. For a long time i was thinking i couldn't give the right answer, but maybe i found a way. Hereby my proposition.

The appearance of typography is the direct consequence of a question and the goal to answer that question in an appropriate way. The optimum answer will unfold a design naturally by analizing the question. This answer does not necessarily have to look 'designed'.
Good design, in my opinion, has more to do with logistics then it has to do with artistic qualities. A designer is directing material and people in order to get the things in the most logic order and position. This 'logic form' always refers to something that was made in the past. The basic shapes of characters and books are known, how people experience these and use them as well. As a designer in 2006 i can lean back on some 600 years of knowledge in bookmaking. That makes it easy to focus on details; the big picture is already outlined by others.

This will be my proposal for 'Vis a Vue': i do not feel the need to visualize my opinion about visual literacy. I want to apply it. Beacuse that is in essence the meaning of typography for me. My proposal is that i design the colophon of the production. With a mention in that same colophon: "Typography colophon: Hans Gremmen". Therefor i do not need the full spread that you offered me. Just one small well designed detail. That is all.

I hope that this is possible,
kind regards, Hans Gremmen